Comprehensive Veterinary Exams

Our healthcare team is here to help keep your pet healthy. Our doctors provide comprehensive medical exams for new pets, annual wellness, senior care, and medical conditions.

Even pets with excellent care occasionally require medical assistance. When you find your pet is ill, it is important to have confidence in those caring for your loved ones.

You are an important part in the process of caring for your pet.

Following an extensive discussion of your concerns and observations, our veterinarians perform a complete 12 organ system exam. Again you are engaged in developing diagnostic and therapeutic options.

We are pleased to provide written estimates upon request.

If your pet has a medical condition or disease that needs the attention of a medical specialist, we work with Carolina Veterinary Specialist for medical referrals.

Just like us, pets need periodic physical examinations. Remember, they age much faster than we do, and changes in their bodies can occur much faster as well- that’s why exams are so important. For puppies and kittens, the initial exam can be critically important in detecting birth defects, life-threatening infections or parasites, and any developmental problems. As pets become adults, health maintenance and monitoring weight, appetite and activity levels, and getting to know what is “normal” for your pet is a main focus of our exams. Senior pets have their own special needs, and evaluating the health of aging organ systems can help us make your pet’s golden years both comfortable and active.

All of our physical examinations are system-based, evaluating the major internal and external organ and body systems for growth, function, and health.