EARLY DETECTION… now is a good time to start

The gradual onset of health problems in an apparently healthy pet often go unnoticed. There are many conditions, that if diagnosed early, can be completely reversed or controlled for extended periods of time. A wellness profile is not one test but an overall profile of your pet’s health. It evaluates vital organ systems which enable your veterinarian to diagnose potential diseases before they become a serious issue.The diagram below gives a brief description of the body systems evaluated by the wellness profile.


Biochemistry tests can indicate:* Liver disease* Cushing’s syndrome *Abnormalities resulting from long-term medications

Heart and Lungs

Immunoassay tests can detect heartworm infection, which can cause disease in the heart aswell as in the lungs.


Biochemistry and serum T4 tests can indicate thyroid disease.


Dental exams uncover abnormalities in teeth and the soft tissue of the mouth. Oral disease may indicate secondary health problems.


Complete blood count is used to screen for: *Anemia (low red blood cells)*Inflammation *Infection *Stress *Leukemia *Bleeding problem *Inability to fight infection *Hydration status


Blood and urine tests can indicate:*Early kidney disease *Kidney failure *Infection *Stones *Cancer *Abnormalities resulting from long-term medications

Urinalysis and urine protein: creatinine ratio tests are used to better evaluate: *Kidney function *Urinary tract *Kidney infection

Pancreas and Intestine

Biochemistry tests can indicate: *Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas)*Diabetes Mellitus *Abnormalities resulting from long term medications *Cancer

Fecal tests identify parasites that can cause: *Diarrhea *Weight loss *Blood loss *Infections in humans (zoonosis)