HEALTHY pets and families are HAPPY pets and families

Catawba Animal Clinic is a full service veterinary facility. From advice on pet selection to providing the care needed to take your pet from youth to senior citizenship, we are your pet’s family doctor. Pet health evaluations, annual physical exams, preventive vaccinations, parasite control, laboratory diagnostic tests, surgery, dentistry and senior care are all part of the care that we can provide. We have a close relationship with veterinary specialists when more advanced medical or surgical needs exist.


Exams and immunizations are the cornerstone of high quality health care


Improving the lives of pets and their families with the safest possible procedures


Our diagnostics laboratory and radiology services allow us to “see” abnormalities


A safe, doctor-supervised, comfortable and caring facility for your pet

Committed to helping make your pets’ visit as FEAR FREE as possible

Most of us don’t think that our dentist or doctor visits are much fun. In fact, we sometimes even put off our own health care visits to avoid the unpleasant experience of being poked and prodded in places that we’d prefer to keep to ourselves. Our pets feel the same way when they come to the doctor.  Put yourself in their paws… strange sounds and sights and smells and strange people doing strange things to them… they are afraid.   Read more >