This is a fancy way of saying “using medical techniques to help treat sick pets”, but we think you get the idea … more

Surgery and Dental Care are essential needs for every pet.  Some of these procedures are commonly performed … more

Comprehensive pet care includes providing safe and hygienic practical care such as boarding and grooming … more


Catawba Animal Clinic has provided comprehensive veterinary medical care to help meet the needs of pets and families in the greater York County area for over 30 years. Founded in 1978 by Dr. Roger Troutman, the practice has grown along with our community, with a current team of seven doctors and a support staff of over forty technicians, receptionists, and patient care specialists. This growth has been made possible by the confidence and loyalty of the three generations of clients we have served.
As we have grown we have expanded both our facilities and the range of services we can provide. Our office first opened across the street from our current location. Within a short time our patients’ needs had outgrown… read more

A Word From Our Friends

“Chancie” and The Waddell’s

“Thank you, Dr. John Mazur, for performing my cruciate surgery. I am doing so much better and behaving most of the time. You are awesome and I appreciate you and the surgical techs plus the rest of the staff at Catawba. Morgan is special too. She helped me in the car after surgery. My thanks again.”                                                                                                    Read more »

Dolores and Dan O.

“A bond between a pet and his family is a wonderful experience. Sometimes, however, a pet’s longevity requires the skills and expertise of well qualified veterinarians … Read more »


“John Mazur is a genius with dogs and cats. His intuitive compassion for both pets and pet lovers and his analytical skill in diagnosis is superb … Read more »

Kathy T.

“I highly recommend Catawba Animal Clinic. I have been taking my pets to see Dr. Bert Platt for over 20 years and Dr. John Mazur for 10-15 years … Read more »


It’s Tick Season Again…..

There are 4 common ticks in the Southeast that can cause disease in dogs and humans.  They are the American dog tick, Lonestar tick, Deer tick and Brown dog tick.  These ticks trasmit Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Erhlichia, Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness (STARI), Tuleremia and Tick Paralysis.  I used to think that Lyme disease was seen only in the Northeast but over the past several years this illness has steadily moved south Read more »

Why should I bring my Cat to Catawba Animal Clinic, P.A.?

Catawba Animal Clinic, P.A. (CAC) understands there are 86 million cats and 78 million dogs owned and yet cats visit veterinarians less frequently. Contributing to the decrease in cat visits is the stress associated with getting the cat to the veterinary practice and the lack of understanding of the need for wellness and preventative care. We at CAC are striving to minimize the stress related to veterinary visits; provide a knowledgeable staff and Read more »

A Farewell Message from Dr. Alexander

      After graduating from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, I was thrilled to join Catawba Animal Clinic on May 12, 1986. With Drs. Troutman and Platt as early mentors, I realized the joy of helping families and their pets, and CAC quickly felt like home.       For almost 28 years I have had the privilege of caring for the four legged members of your family. I truly believe that the joy our pets bring to us is Read more »

Cat Recommendations

Dr. Buckley recently attended Continuing Education seminars at the North American Veterinary Conference and attended seminars about making visits to the office less stressful for our cat patients.   Cats are definitely not small dogs and several of the ideas for making vet visits more pleasant for cats also have application in our patients’ home environments.   There are five recommendations which can be applied in your home. 1.  Food:  Read more »



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