This is a fancy way of saying “using medical techniques to help treat sick pets”, but we think you get the idea … more

Surgery and Dental Care are essential needs for every pet.  Some of these procedures are commonly performed … more

Comprehensive pet care includes providing safe and hygienic practical care such as boarding and grooming … more


Catawba Animal Clinic has provided comprehensive veterinary medical care to help meet the needs of pets and families in the greater York County area for over 30 years. Founded in 1978 by Dr. Roger Troutman, the practice has grown along with our community, with a current team of seven doctors and a support staff of over forty technicians, receptionists, and patient care specialists. This growth has been made possible by the confidence and loyalty of the three generations of clients we have served.
As we have grown we have expanded both our facilities and the range of services we can provide. Our office first opened across the street from our current location. Within a short time our patients’ needs had outgrown… read more

A Word From Our Friends

Roberta and Cecil G.

This is a topnotch practice in all aspects. It is extremely well run, efficient, client-friendly and provides superb care.  We have taken our animals there (mostly cats) for 20 years and have found the office and technical support staff to be professional, knowledgeable, courteous and very helpful. Getting an appointment is never a problem, emergencies are handled promptly and wait times to be seen are minimal. Medical record keeping is excellent Read more »

Jessie R.

I wanted to let you know how much Sarah’s care of Emma meant to me during her months of physical therapy. Emma consistently went from a nervous tremble to a happy soul as soon as Sarah greeted her. Emma is family and because of Sarah I felt comfortable leaving her for the day week after week. Sarah made Emma feel so loved-and in turn making me your practice’s biggest fan.  (Sarah is one of CAC’s fantastic certified technicians.) Read more »

Nena C.

Dr. John Mazur of Catawba Animal Clinic is hands down the best veterinarian we have ever taken our pets to. He stands in a class alone. We have known good vets, fair vets, the worst possible vets. Now that we are clients of Catawba Animal Clinic, we know the best veterinarians out there.  Let me mention the awesome staff who complete the picture of the best medical office with which we have ever been acquainted.  The front office associates are Read more »

Jennifer T.

Dr. Privette is the vet that we usually use. There is not another vet office that I would go to. They have treated us with the utmost compassion. They care about their clients. Their office staff know my animals, and they love them too. I don’t think that you could ask for a practice that care more about the animals and their people.  Love them all! Read more »


Why is My Dog Chewing at it’s Feet….? Is it Allergies?

Why is dog my dog chewing it’s feet? My neighbor said, “It’s allergic to corn?!” Fall brings cooler weather, change in leaves, and frequently it is the season we find our pets licking or chewing at their feet, rubbing their face, or even shaking their head.  Why is your pet doing this?  If you live in Rock Hill or Fort Mill area, most likely they are showing signs of an allergy! The big question is… Allergic to what?  “Dr. Google” Read more »

Fear of Fireworks

Authored by: Becky Lundgren, DVM Summer is full of celebrations involving fireworks. Canada has Canada Day on July 1, the USA has Independence Day on July 4, and France has Bastille Day on July 14. Dogs and cats react to fireworks as individuals. Some aren’t upset by the explosions, and others get hurt by panicking and jumping through closed windows or bolting through doors to get away from the terrifying noise and lights. American pet Read more »

Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke- Owners of pets in York County need to be aware of the risks of Heat Stroke as warmer weather quickly approaches.   Heatstroke has classically been classified into two types 1)Exertional 2)Nonexertional   Exertional heatstroke occurs during exercise and is more common in dogs that have not been acclimated to their environment.  Did you know that military dogs once acclimated have been known to work in 140 Read more »

Canine Influenza

With the recent news reports concerning the outbreak of canine influenza in Chicago, it is very understandable that many people are concerned for their own pets.  It is important to know that although canine influenza is a possible cause of respiratory disease in dogs, it has not been identified as an infectious agent in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Charlotte area.  Dogs can develop a cough due to allergies, heart disease, infectious disease as well Read more »



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